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Educational objectives
The course  completes the general background strengthening the fundamental knowledges in theoretical and experimental physics and offers specialization in the most recent advances of physics research in 4 different fields which are intimately linked to the main research activities of the Department: elementary particles physics and astrophysics, condensed matter physics: basic science and nanotechnology, environmental physics and meteorology, space physics. Moreover, the acquired knowledge allows applications of the theoretical formalism and of the experimental skills in many other  different Physical fields.

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Selection call for foreign students (academical year 2019/20)   logo pdf

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Call for applications for 14 scholarships (10 months each) for foreign students enrolling on the international Master's level degree courses, A.Y. 2018/2019   logo pdf
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Degree requirements:

To enroll in our degree programs you must have a  bachelor degree in Physics or in other related disciplines.
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Regolamento Didattico (in italian) 2018/19 logo pdf
Study Plan & Curricula of the Master Degree in Physics 2018/19 logo pdf

Excellence paths:
beginning with the 2013/14 academical school year, we offer the opportunity to widen learning opportunities through 'Excellence path', dedicated to students particularly interested and willing to work harder.
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International track:

The course is also taught in English. The international tracks foresee a compulsory mobility to the partner institutions in the second year. Presently, there are two partner institutions granted double degree programs:
Gdansk University of Technology for the track: Condensed Matter Physics - Fundamental science and Nanotechnology
Ivane Javakhishivili Tblisi State University (Georgia) for the tracks: Condensed Matter Physics: Fundamental science and Nanotechnology, Space Physics, Particle and Astroparticle Physics.

Cooperation agreement between
Università degli Studi dell'Aquila and Gdansk University of Technology (Gdansk, Poland)   logo pdf
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Cooperation agreement between
Università degli Studi dell'Aquila and Ivane Javakhishivili Tbilisi State University (Georgia)   logo pdf

Tutorial services:

A faculty member is assigned to each new student to assist him managing all kind of problems


Additional documentation starting 2013/14 (available in italian only) 

Regolamento Didattico (in italian) 2017/18 logo pdf
Study Plan & Curricula of the Master Degree in Physics 2017/18 logo pdf

Regolamento Didattico (in italian) 2016/17 logo pdf
Study Plan & Curricula of the Master Degree in Physics 2016/17 logo pdf

Regolamento Didattico A.A. 2015/16 logo pdf
Piano Didattico & Curricula Laurea Magistrale A.A. 2015/16 logo pdf
Regolamento Didattico Laurea Magistrale A.A. 2014/15 logo pdf 
Piano Didattico & Curricula Laurea Magistrale A.A. 2014/15 logo pdf

Regolamento Didattico A.A. 2013/14 logo pdf 

Piano Didattico & Curricula A.A. 2013/14 logo pdf 
Ordinamento Didattico 2013/14 logo pdf


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